Give it your best

Welcome back to #weightlosswednesday. After having lost 21 Kilo, and going to India I was obviously scared that I might not be able to lose more weight. I just knew I didn’t want to gain it all back. So once I reached I was determined to find a gym I could gym. Sure enough, a … More Give it your best

To begin with

Happy #weightlosswednesday In April 2015, I stood on the scale at my moms place, because I never have stood on one since I have had left Prageet’s home in December 2014. I remember weighing around 89 Kg when I left India, so I didn’t think I was much heavier but when I saw that I … More To begin with

Losing it all

#weightlosswednesday As you all probably know, I have made my Wednesday on the blog ALL about weightloss. Sharing my story, recipes or workout routines. Β  We all have been there, feeling uncomfortable in our bodies at one point in our lives. Whether it was a real worry, or we really were overweight. I have felt … More Losing it all


Happy Spring toΒ you all, Yes, lets get started with a Happy Monday, and be happy with whatever this day may has to offer. I know it sucks, going back to work. But lets look at the positive sides of a Monday. It will end eventually, too. I have been thinking about how I can organize … More Springclean